Clouds of nonsense

It amuses me to see the cloud of tags next to my blog and the order they have fallen into. OK, so it’s alphabetical order but some of the pairings are outstanding.

Bangkok Beach Bees – A new Beach Boys tribute band

Cancer cake – you won’t find this in Patisserie Valerie

Cats chemo brain – cats make all kinds of outrageous claims to justify their mad behaviour but this would be a step too far

Christmas Colonoscopy – imagine opening that gift card on 25th December

Compression sleeve death – possibly a new one for Midsomer Murders

Friendship gardening – this sounds cosy and neighbourly. I like it

Beautiful Herceptin holidays – trying to jazz up those endless appointments

Liverpool losing things – just more blame culture, in this case it’s Liverpool’s fault

Lowestoft lymphoedema – I think this is an unfair slur on Lowestoft which is actually a very nice place

Mindfulness pain clinic – I suppose this could really exist although I am not sure how being Mindful would help with pain

Phantom itch prosthesis race – beats one of those villages which just roll cheese down a hill once a year

Raging dragons rain ranting – maybe they’re to blame for the torrential rain and floods this year

Scans sea shock shoes – a new tongue-twister

Isn’t it lovely when you receive an unexpected piece of entertainment? And hello to all the readers I have in Belgium and Switzerland. I’ve no idea how you found me but you are most welcome 🙂


4 thoughts on “Clouds of nonsense

  1. I find mindfulness very useful for managing pain. If I go ‘inside’ the sensation and don’t label it as ‘pain’ then it is just a sensation, an experience. I can’t always do it but when I do, it works for me.

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