Who in mortal chains

This reblogging comes with a health warning…it will seriously damage the rest of your day and you may even not sleep well. You should still read it, though. Read and pass it on. Please.

Who By Fire

Where has the rage gone?  It’s still there, but seems to have transformed itself into a terrible calm, as though I had gone right through Dante’s icy lowest circle of Hell and discovered the place, the unreal universe, where there are temperatures colder than absolute zero and water doesn’t merely freeze, it anti-boils.

Backing up a little, this blog was originally set up because of the #JusticeforLB campaign.  Since Connor Sparrowhawk, known as LB, drowned in an NHS bath in Oxford’s Slade House Assessment and Treatment Unit, his family has, through magnificently relentless digging, discovered that:

  • the ‘care’ given at the Unit was inadequate to the point of negligence;
  • there was a de facto four monkeys policy – hear, say, see and do nothing;
  • the care offered for Connor after his death continued to be inadequate: the official post-mortem did not examine the possibility of epileptic activity leading to submersion;
  • the organisation…

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