An old recording from last summer

Rooting around in my bedside drawer, I come across my voice recorder and wonder whether a) it works b) what is on it? c) can I get it set up with my computer or will it send me into a spiral of rage and incompetence?

I get thus far and now have to try and put it on my blog page. For those of you who are a whizz at the computer, you’d beter go and do something else for a while lest it send you into an apopletíc fit. In between seeing to the animals and trying to stay awake, I manage to work it out and, of course, it costs more money. But then I think that might be a good thing. The peripheral neuropathy is getting progressively worse and sometimes I find it incredibly hard to type which, for someone who could type quite fast without looking, is obviously frustrating. My handwriting looks like someone else’s entirely, all scrawly and horrible so that’s not going to help.

Now, bear in mind this is my very first recording and, as we’re at the Dragon Boat Festival in Boston, it’s quite noisy for the first few minutes. But bear with it. Hopefully you will hear my husky tones giving you a little update of our day. The content also brought me up short as I speak about 2 friends, one of whom  is no longer with us and the other, well, let’s just say she’s had Hobson’s Choice and Mr Mason and I think and speak about her very often. The recording is so bad you probably won’t be able to hear who I’m talking about but I promise the quality of recording will get better.

I hope this works for you! It works for me in preview, even though the quality is very poor. Any feedback will be welcome.


8 thoughts on “An old recording from last summer

  1. I feel very emotional after listening to your voice Shelley, I only wish I could get inside your head and make things easier for you as you travel through the roller coaster of what life is throwing at you. You can not imagine the impact that you have made upon me, all I can say is thank you for sharing your thoughts as you travel through the waves of life. Love Susan x

  2. I could hear you loud and clear, in more ways than one . No one can say how you feel or should feel, I can only start to make a guess. Its bad enough in my head, without getting into yours . I could be arrested for some of my thoughts. Do you mind if I ring you some time, and if yes, what a good time for you.
    Lots of love Ann xx

    • It would be lovely to hear from you, Ann. Generally afternoons are best but my Dad isn’t well and unlikely to last the month so maybe leave it a few weeks? I hope all is well with you and the family xxx

  3. So Shelley this recording must have been from the time when you were a correspondent for the BBC. With your usual skill, your words had me in laughter and tears. Laughter when I misheard you talking about Lark and thought you’d said Mark. I wondered what he was doing scavenging under tables and thought this was a side of him I hadn’t been aware of.

    Tears when you outline your shifting emotional struggle.

    Thank you. Thank you for welcoming me into your head.

    Love and a hug.

    Karen xx

  4. Heard this perfectly ; at the start I was mentally thinking ‘Shelley for dragon boat reporter’ but this 4 minute recording explains so perfectly what this is like for so many – you go from lycra and the noise of life all around you, to Lark training to the search…the search of so much in so few words. Gentle hugs xxx

  5. The trusty recording works perfectly Shelley and it’s lovely to put a voice to the words. More than ever I want to hug you, I cannot imagine the rainbow of emotions you must be feeling and the loneliness that may come with them? You are heard though and although I do not know you or fully understand and appreciate how you must feel, you have made an impact on me, I think about you and wish I could do something to make you feel better. Love Emma xx

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