Funeral Details; All Welcome

This week we have been mainly making arrangements. We consider where might be the best place to have the funeral and settle on London. It made the most sense to us given that Mum spent around 35 years living there but also, Mum had an enormous number of friends. Whilst the bulk of these were in London there were still a fair number dotted about all over the place so with London being easily reachable for our family in Portsmouth and with good transport links nationally and internationally for those further afield, London was the clear winner.

And so, Mum’s funeral will be at Mortlake Crematorium (Townmead Rd, Richmond TW9 4EN) on Thursday 20th October at 12:00

This will be followed by a wake at The Pilot, Chiswick (56 Wellesley Road,Chiswick,W4 4BZ). The pub is within a 15 minute drive of the crematorium and has paid parking close by. It is also just by Gunnersbury station so easily reached from the crematorium by either District Line or Overground trains from Kew Garden station.

Over the past week we have received a huge number of messages of support; from friends Mum has known for decades, more recent friends and even those who Mum has never met in real life (a happy byproduct of shitty cancer). Mum touched many people’s lives and all friends, old, new and virtual are welcome on the 20th.



(AKA: Mrs Safaie Jr)





7 thoughts on “Funeral Details; All Welcome

  1. I only had the privilege to meet Shelley once in “real time” as we were mostly online friends – through the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network. I was also an avid fan of her blogs. I really hope to make it to the funeral to say farewell on behalf of so many of us IBC girls who she supported with her kindness and humour.

  2. Rob and I were fortunate enough to live next door to the Mason family while in Ealing, we got to know them firstly through their cats Malcom and Stanley, sitting on our fence. But later discovered Shelley and Marks warm hospitality. We discovered they were keen foodies who enjoyed experimenting with cooking, Shelley owning a very respectable cook book library. At the back of our houses we were lucky enough to have a small farmers market, and it was one of those days early in our friendship Rob had headed off to the market. On his return he seemed very excited and a bit hot, he had bumped into Shelley and Mark and noted they had something grey and fury in their shopping bag – “jeez!” he said to me in his kiwi accent, “those neighbours of ours just gave me a heck of a fright,” – he had assumed Malcom had been in some kind accident, and was now in the shopping bag, to his horror Shelley had eagerly explained how she was going home to skin and marinade him for dinner. The confusion was short lived and on further inspection and a lot of laughter discovering it was a Hare the Masons had got from the market. From then on in a friendship was formed, evenings putting the world to right & fortunately no pets on the menu.

    Sadly a few years later Rob himself had a short and fatal battle with cancer during this time Shelley and Mark were simply there for me, never overwhelming or pushy just there reassuring, comforting, kind always with a twinkle of humour. I am forever grateful and blessed for having known Shelley.

    Mark, Fran & Ollie – Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui
    (Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Steadfast)
    Love from us Nicki & Finnx

    Thinking of you all tomorrow, have popped a donation into St Barnabas hospice in lieu of flowers.

  3. Sadly we are unable to come over to London but we will be thinking of you lovely Shelley and all the family. Lynn and Greg Hanley.

  4. I hope to meet you all next week and say goodbye to the hugely likeable, funny, naughty, smart, irrepressible person that Shelley was. I may not be able to come to the wake, but I shall definitely toast her life with a cake in Patisserie Valerie, in one of whose locations we met in person a couple of years ago. Much love to all of you. x

  5. I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to you Shelley my dear, it does not seem too long ago that we met, it was when my son introduced you as his mother-in-law to be. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then! Cancer that horrible s….y disease has taken my husband from me as well as yourself, I would kill it if I could!!! if only…. Goodbye Shelley my dear,, have a good sleep…RIP
    Love Susan X

  6. Unfortunately we can’t come on 20th as we have an appointment we can’t change. We’ll be thinking of both you and Shelley on the day. Look after yourselves. Mo and Jim Reece.x

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