Lark’s Diary II

On Friday, Jan the cleaning lady comes and pushes the noisy vaccuum cleaner around but she also spends time rubbing my head which I like. Mum wasn’t feeling well so sat in her tippy-up chair under the apple tree with a blanket around her. She said she had done too much the day before. I sat under her chair and kept pushing her bottom when she wasn’t expecting it. Archie and I are trying to perfect our game of bitey-face and he doesn’t growl so much which is better as that scares me a bit. It’s quite easy to lose him in the garden as I can jump into a bush and he won’t see me if I lie still. Mum took a film of us playing and although I squealed a bit, I liked it really.

Me and Archie having fun

Today it is raining and Mum took me outside for 10 minutes in the rain to have a wee but it wasn’t nice out there so I waited until I got inside and before she had hung up my coat and lead, I had done a lovely big wee in the utility room. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Everyone else (except Archie and the cats) goes to the toilet indoors. Perhaps I should start a campaign. Anyway, I am now in what Mum calls “The Dog House” and am sitting in the basket under her desk while she writes. Life is so confusing. Mum also says if this post doesn’t appear in the Lark’s Diary page she is going to give up. Give up what I am not sure.